Leveraged Marketing

Leverage your efforts to grow your income

You're not alone in Ranking Trainer

Leveraged Effort = bigger income

This instructional video shows you how our Affiliate program automatically leverages your efforts.  We also have TWO new platforms being released soon that’ll super-charge your efforts even more!  We provide the ONLY Affiliate program that truly partners with you to enhance your efforts with our own automated marketing platform working on behalf of each and every Affiliate.

The only Built-In Leverage

Auto-Leverage Your Work for higher income

YOUR COMMISSION:  We function just like virtually ALL Affiliate systems.  You get an exclusive link.  When people click your link and buy from us, you get a 25% commission. We also automatically leverage your work through our unique referral system to ensure your efforts are multiplied over and over to increase way beyond just your own personal commissions.

HOW LEVERAGING WORKS:  Everyone who buys OR registers with us from your link is connected to you by our Affiliate system. Because ALL Members (your customers) are also Affiliates, their sales and referrals are tracked in the lineage linked to you. This creates a lineage of 8 generations of Affiliates below you.  The company  tracks and your lineage and uses marketing automation to continuously promote to your entire line to 8 generations.  So, in addition to your 25% commission, you also get a 5% bonus on all sales through 8 generations of your lineage with no extra effort on your part!  

others do it. so can you.

the power of RT Affiliates

. . . . . . Affiliate-Company Partnership

You send initial traffic - we take it from there

Ours is a unique partnership between the Company and our Affiliate-Members. Your role is to send people to your Affiliate link. Ours is to provide your back office, track your genealogy, use our marketing automation system to promote ourselves to your lineage, and of course, to pay you weekly!  

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